If you would like to contact Dr. Edwards to schedule an appointment for a Zoom or phone consultation, please use the email info @  optimalmind.net (the email isn’t spelled out as usual to reduce robot spam).  Please email first if you’re interested in setting up a consultation.

Dr. Lawrence Edwards
PO Box 87
Bedford, NY 10506

Thank you for your interest!

If you would like to pay for a session or consultation using your credit card you can do so by using the PayPal link below. Consultation fees are based on $150 per half hour:

.5hr = $150
1hr = $300
1.5hr = $450
2hr = $600

Use the link below to pay for the length of the session you have booked.


Or use this button by clicking on the bar and scrolling down to select the length of session you would like to book:

Private Session Fee