Research studies on meditation now number in the tens of thousands and they document health benefits ranging from reduced stress, lower cholesterol levels, decreased anxiety, elimination of headaches and reduction of mild to moderate depression, to improved sleep, enhanced performance, better focus, stronger immune responses and much more. The list of benefits for meditation goes on and on. And those are just some of the researched health benefits from current studies.

The practices of meditation have been pursued for thousands of years and the longitudinal studies that this vast literature on meditation represents document the extraordinary states of consciousness and transcendent experiences that humans are capable of. These results have been replicated countless times by individuals across history and across differing traditions.

Though there are numerous meditation methods from many spiritual traditions, scientific evidence points to certain dynamics underlying them. Dr. Edwards trains people in the foundational practices and dynamics that are most effective for developing a home based meditation routine. Over time with home practice the great benefits of meditation accrue and transform the mind, body and everyday experience of life. Meditation empowers the individual to access the innate abilities of their mind and consciousness for transformation on many levels. Meditation also helps people deal with chronic pain, illness and end of life concerns.

The type of transformation you are interested in creating in your life may be health related or aimed at enhanced performance in your field; it may be to develop greater focus and calm or to pursue goals for personal achievement or growth; or it might be to explore what your mind is truly capable of and expanding your vision of what is possible. All these are reasons, as well as many others, that people have for learning meditation and continuing to practice on their own. The inner resources that meditation empowers you to access are literally beyond the mind’s imagination. Yet there they are, within you, waiting for you to discover them and make use of them.

“One of my great meditation teachers used to say meditation is good for everyone, it makes doctors better doctors, lawyers better lawyers, plumbers better plumbers, electricians better electricians and on and on. Having taught meditation to thousands of individuals from all types of backgrounds, levels of education, ages, and states of health, I’ve seen the extraordinary power of meditation to positively impact anyone’s life.” – Lawrence Edwards, PhD.

Mindfulness Plus meditation combines the benefits of mindfulness meditation training with the power and focus that the ancient use of mantra meditation provides. Having trained in numerous meditative traditions and practices, and western neuroscience, Dr. Edwards is uniquely qualified to teach individuals the practices that will work best for them and to help them sustain an engaged meditation practice. For more information about meditation programs visit The Anam Cara Meditation Foundation, the non-profit education organization founded by Dr. Edwards for teaching meditative practices. “Anam Cara” is ancient Gaelic and means friend of the soul.