canstockphoto19535317lightsbrainIn Optimal Mind® training, Dr. Edwards combines multiple modalities to empower you to positively transform your mind and your life whether you are interested in peak performance, reaching career goals, enhancing relationships or deepening your connection to the meaning and purpose of your life.

Dr. Edwards has worked with elite swimmers, coaches, golfers, nationally ranked tennis players, musicians, executives, lawyers, physicians and others to empower them to bring their full talents and skills into the moment regardless of how stressful that moment might be. Through the use of advanced biofeedback and neurofeedback training strategies, the same modalities used in training Olympic athletes, top gun fighter pilots, NASA pilots, professional football, baseball and basketball players, you learn to strengthen your focus by literally changing your brain and physiology. You also achieve a high level of stress mastery that allows you to get into the flow, into the zone, and perform at your peak potential. You learn to access a center of peaceful calm within yourself that can carry you through the most extreme challenges in life.

canstockphoto1686072brainDr. Edwards works with Coach Nick Baker, Founder and Director of the Peak Performance Swim Camp, author, and former Canadian Olympic swim coach, who trains elite swimmers internationally. Nick Baker said: “Every swimming coach has a different approach. I happen to believe an approach that focuses on the mind first, followed by the technical, and physical aspects of swimming is the best guarantee of swimming success over the long term. Throughout my years of coaching I have sought out people like myself, who believe in the power of the mind. One such person is Lawrence Edwards. Lawrence has been instrumental in helping many of my swimmers achieve far more than ever dreamed possible. His unique and insightful methods give swimmers the tools they need to harness their mental potential and perform well beyond present expectations. Lawrence is a true find and one who can truly make a difference in a swimmer’s life.”

Expand your vision of what is possible and live the life you are truly capable of living!