Lawrence Edwards, PhD, BCN, CHT, LMHC has been offering hypnotherapy for over 20 years. Hypnotherapy, also called therapeutic trance work, is a method of using the mind’s innate abilities to go into an altered state, to let go of the ordinary ways of thinking and processing, and shift focus, allowing you to access inner resources that may have been unknown or unintegrated in ordinary waking state consciousness. Hypnotherapy is used for changing habits, addictions, coping with chronic pain, overcoming emotional obstacles, anxiety, past traumas, enhancing healing and recovery from surgery and numerous other applications including personal growth, enhanced performance training and regression training. It is also used for working with chronic illness, terminal illness and preparation for dying.

Therapeutic trance includes the use of visualization techniques, guided imagery, deep relaxation, breathing, movement and self-hypnosis. Milton Erickson, the father of modern hypnosis said all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Your psyche is always the one in control and makes use of the hypnotherapist’s suggestions and guidance to heal old wounds, to let go of what you need to be free of, to heal in ways that are beyond the ordinary conscious mind’s abilities, but well within the extraordinary powers of your own deeper mind and the body’s own deep wisdom for healing.